My name is Jyrki Partanen and I am the owner of this website and Nyrkkipaja Partanen. Nyrkkipaja Partanen is a “toiminimi”, meaning private person carrying on trade or private trader. In Finland it’s the lightest form of incorporation where a business is established by a single entrepreneur, who is liable for the company’s debts with his own assets. I started in 2016 and as of now do this as a hobby. The Finnish business ID is 1989566-8.

As this is a very small startup starting from zero, I am still VAT exempt for the fiscal year of 2018. So as of now, the prices posted on the website do not have VAT in them.

Thank you for visiting the website!

Jyrki Partanen
email: jyrki@throwlevers.com
mobile: +358 41 4494959 (also Signal and WhatsApp)