A throw lever enables you to quickly adjust the magnification on your scope during a course of fire in a competition. All my throw levers are milled from POM-C. A threaded steel insert and an M3 screw are used for mounting the lever in place. A minimum clearance of 7.6 mm is required under the magnification ring. This could be an issue with very low scope rings and some one piece scope mounts. Please measure your clearance before you order. Hint: 8 mm drill bit or allen key makes an easy gauge for measuring your clearance. If you are planning to use the lever with a bolt action rifle, please note that it is possible that the lever handle may interfere with the movement of the bolt handle. This all depends on your combination of rifle, scope, rings, etc.

Currently levers are available for the following rifle scopes:

Leica Magnus
Meopta R1, ZD and Meopro
Meopta R2
Steiner M5Xi
Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme
Swarovski Z6(i) and Z8i
Trijicon Accupoint 1-6×24
Vortex PST and HST
Vortex PST Gen II
Vortex Razor HD II
Vortex Strike Eagle
Zeiss Conquest V6
Zeiss Victory V8

More lever models will be added every now and then.

Currently all levers are made to order. Orders are usually mailed out within 4-5 days on weekdays.

The shipping cost is flat rate 2.50 € to anywhere in the world.

Select throw lever version :
Throw lever – 25.00 €

Select ACE recoil pad color :
Recoil pad for the ACE ARFX skeleton stock for the AR-15 – 20.00 €  — Milled from black HDPE. This is slightly thicker than the original 0.5″ pad. Excellent for competition use, as plastic pad does not stick to your clothing like the OEM rubber pad does. Does not come with screws. Mount with the screws that came with your stock. I have posted this pad design on Thingiverse, so if you own a 3D printer, you may print your own pad for free. ABS or PETG should work fine. Different colors were requested, so I have now added the option to choose the color of the pad.

Allen key – 0.20 €  — Don’t have metric allen keys? No problem. This 2.5 mm allen key represents the finest Chinese tool steel 20 cents can buy. Pure shiny chinesium. Do not try to use for any real work.

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